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Campus shout-down rate nearly quadruples


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Paul Mirengoff

November 3, 2017


Stanley Kurtz reports that as we approach the halfway mark of the Fall 2017 semester, the rate of shout-downs on college campuses is nearly quadruple that of last spring. There have been nearly twice as many shout-downs as last semester in only half the time

That’s a striking figure, given that shout-downs were far from rare during the Spring semester. Kurtz chronicled ten such events. They included rioting at Berkeley over Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance and shout-downs of Charles Murray and Heather Mac Donald at Middlebury and UCLA, respectively.

But this semester, shout-downs have become commonplace. Kurtz documents 14 of them in October alone.

Moreover, the targets of the shout-downs have expanded. Not only visiting speakers but administrators, professors, and fellow students are now victims. Kurtz explains:



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