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Hillary defends Trump dossier, makes dubious claims about its release


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Hillary Clinton says the infamous Democratic-financed, Russian-sourced dossier did not “come out” during the election.

That is not the full story.

“From my perspective, it didn’t come out before the election as we all know,” Mrs. Clintonsaid Wednesday night on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. She defended the dossier as standard opposition research.

But some of the dossier’s more scandalous allegations did surface in the Washington news media before Nov. 8. And her campaign helped spread them around to bash candidate Donald Trump. The campaign used Twitter and TV surrogates to say the information was proof he and Russia were in cahoots to defeat Mrs. Clinton.

The dossier was not identified as the source. Whether the dossier hard copy circulated in the campaign is not known.


Hillary's sad defense.

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