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Media Elite Who Got Rich on Sexual Deviancy Turn on Another One of Their Own


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If you wonder why Hollywood stayed so quiet so long about casting couch abuse behind closed doors, just look at how the entertainment industry enabled perverted sexual exploitation of women in front of the camera.
Fashion magazine moguls at Conde Nast have now reportedly blacklisted soft-porn celebrity photographer Terry Richardson from working on shoots for Vogue, GQ, and Glamour.
Count yourself blessed if you’ve never been exposed to “Uncle Terry’s” stomach-turning pictures of women simulating oral sex with bananas and cow teats, models urinating in snow, a college intern (now his wife and mother of twin boys) inside a trash can wearing a diamond “SLUT” tiara while fellating Richardson, or his countless self-portraits standing naked, erect, or sucking his thumb with the rich and famous (most in their underwear or topless).
Let’s be clear: This new “ban” on contracting with Richardson was not instituted because of industry disgust with his 20-plus years of misogynist images of young models and starlets. It’s about protecting business backsides.:snip:

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