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Pimm's Cup: A Favorite British Lemonade Cocktail Recipe


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Pimm's Cup: A Favorite British Lemonade Cocktail Recipe

·         Yield: 1 serving


Updated 08/29/17

The Pimm's Cup is both a liqueur and a mixed drink. It is a delightful and easy beverage that pairs the namesake liqueur with lemonade and it may quickly become one of your new favorites.

Pimm's is very popular in the United Kingdom and the mixed drink could be considered the 'official' refreshment of Wimbledon. It is a spectacular summer cocktail that is fitting for a tennis match in July or any other occasion, for that matter.

The liqueur featured is Pimm's Cup No. 1, a gin-based spirit with the flavor of spiced fruit that originated at the Oyster Bar in London. Adding a mixer as subtle as lemonade enhances its character and turns it into a stimulating and light beverage.

You can easily increase this recipe to fill a pitcher and serve it as a refreshing brunch drink or an alternative for tea time.

This first recipe is also called 'Pimm's Original' by The Pimm's Company. Though there are many recipes for a Pimm's Cup No. 1, this should really be considered the most traditional.      :snip:    http://cocktails.about.com/od/atozcocktailrecipes/r/pimms_cktl.htm

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