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Red Pill Black (Candace Owens) on Her Journey From Left to Right


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Sept. 28 2017

Red Pill Black (YouTube Creator) joins Dave to discuss her journey from liberal to conservative, her issues with the 'alt-left,' identity politics, and more. Submit your questions now on SuperChat and Patreon for the live Q&A following the interview
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The Twilight of the Liberal Gods

Sarah Hoyt

September 28, 2017


We are living in amazing times, astonishing times, times I wouldn’t have believed possible as little as a year ago.

There is this Jorge Luis Borges story, where the old gods are returning to Earth, but upon their arrival, it is found that they have lost the ability to speak.  Instead, when they open their mouths, they caw or roar, or make other bestial sounds.  The populace, disgusted, turns away from them and refuses to worship them. I don’t remember precisely (it’s been years since I read them), but I think in the end the “gods” get utterly destroyed.

That’s what’s been happening to the left this last year.

Look, I’m a writer, which, for a long time, my husband said was an excuse to spend more than I made on history books.  This is not precisely true, more sort of what I do for fun.  Because I write in many times and places, I like to have an idea of what I call “the great movements of history,” i.e. what things led to other things.

Part of what led to the dominance of the left in all the “gatekeeping” places, including publishing, the arts, education, and to a large extent government, was two things: their ability to project intelligence and calm; and the ruthlessness to not only not hire anyone who wasn’t a fellow-traveler, but also to kick out everyone who disagreed with them as soon as they could.

The second led to, by a ruthless and slow process, getting rid of everyone who wasn’t first at least social-democrat, then socialist, and finally outright communist from most of the fields the left captured.  (And if one is to believe Robert A. Heinlein, the process was completed with the Democratic Party back in the forties.)




I am always reminded of this song....



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