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Secularist Dogmas That Live Loudly Within Lefties


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When not playing with Sally Quinn’s tarot cards, they claim ownership of “reason.”

George Neumayr

Sept. 15 2017


For years, the Washington establishment held up Sally Quinn, the wife of the late Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, as the society doyenne par excellence and a “serious” reporter. The Great and Good would gather at her mansion to bat around the issues of the day. Much talk of a sinister religiosity afoot in the land would ensue. But it turns out that Quinn, when not passing around drinks and appetizers to these self-proclaimed rationalists, was in the back playing with her tarot cards and concocting hexes for her enemies.

In her new “spiritual memoir,” Finding Magic, Quinn discloses her ambitious forays into the world of the occult. The Washington Post, which had assigned Quinn to the religion beat late in her career, has greeted the revelations with understandable embarrassment. It assigned a review of her book to Senator Sherrod Brown’s wife, Connie Schultz, who reacts to the book with disdain:




All of this establishment flakiness, which Quinn typifies, is worth keeping in mind whenever a Dianne Feinstein demands to know why the “dogma lives loudly” within a Christian judicial nominee like Amy Coney Barrett. Implicit in such secularist brow-beating is that ruling-class liberals enjoy a monopoly on “reason.” Throwing around references to “reason” and “science” is now part of the daily patter of smug liberalism: Al Gore speaks of an “assault on reason,” Hillary Clinton treats the rejection of her campaign platform as a repudiation of “reason,” blogging celebrities who can barely craft a coherent sentence invoke “reason,” and so on.

Yet nothing is more superstitious and irrational than modern liberalism. The post-Christian culture into which it has plunged America is overflowing with Sally Quinns, dabbling with this or that kookish fad. Since Feinstein’s outburst of anti-Catholic bigotry, liberals have been circling the wagons. Somber, learned-sounding articles have appeared, arguing that Feinstein was right to probe the Catholicism of Trump’s nominee.




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