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What happened in Clinton emails


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Scott Johnson

Sept. 18 2017


Hillary Clinton devotes one chapter of What Happened to her use of a private email setup to conduct the official business of the United States. Jack Shafer suffered through it to spare others the pain. His account is posted at Politico under the headline “Hillary Clinton is sorry, not sorry.” As I read the quotes that Shafer serves up, Clinton reiterates all the evasions she served up during the campaign. She continues to “take responsibility” for her lying and misconduct, although she doesn’t put it that way.

The State Department continues slowly to roll out the emails under court order in the lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act. Last week Judicial Watch released an additional 1,617 pages procured through its FOIA lawsuits along with an accompanying cheat sheet declaring “It’s amateur hour at State.” Judicial Watch emphasizes the additional evidence of classified information on display.

The New York Post devotes an editorial to the newly released emails. The editorial notes that the emails show Clinton Foundation honcho Doug Band “working with Clinton aide Huma Abedin to get favors for donors, from visas to Cuba to meetings in Singapore.”



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