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Does Condemning Islamic State Jihadis Constitute "Hate Speech"?


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Denis MacEoin
September 8, 2017


Robbie Travers, a third-year law student of 21, has made a mark for himself in Scotland at the prestigious Edinburgh University. Apart from his many other activities, Travers has published articles on the Gatestone Institute site here, as well as for other outlets. He has written on subjects such as anti-Semitism in Europe, the "Fake News" censorship industry, Britain's Labour Party as a haven for racists, shari'a councils, the assault on free speech, and more. An outspoken young man, he has become one of the best-known figures in the university. Although openly gay and a supporter of a centrist, Tony Blair-ish position in politics, he has frequently come into conflict with fellow students on the radical left, with Muslim students, and with anyone who can be upset by anything that smacks of a challenge to their complacent politically correct sensitivities. He is not afraid to call out radicals and expose them to criticism and factual information that so many modern students (and lecturers) are loath to hear.

On September 6, Robbie's face appeared across the British media, from the conservative Times to the leftist Independent, to the populist tabloids, the Express, the Mirror, the Daily Mail, and the Sun. Travers had been accused of hate speech and was being investigated by the university, who could well sanction him. What sort of "hate speech" was that? Well, in a nutshell, he had referred to the jihadist fighters of Islamic State (ISIS) -- who variously burns or drowns people alive in cages, and sometimes in acid, or kills 250 children in dough-kneaders -- as "barbarians."


You did not read that wrongly. It is now "racist" and "Islamophobic" to insult or ridicule the world's most unspeakable terror gang, who, among other atrocities, behead innocent men, women and children, rape innocent women, and sell harmless women as sex slaves to grunting murderers and pedophiles. One could not make this up.

Here is what seems to have happened....(Snip)

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