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Fox News host says leftist worldview has been ‘destroyed’ — this is how Hurricane Harvey helped


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Greg Gutfield, co-host of “The Five,” shut down a liberal narrative that he believes led leftists to attack President Donald Trump’s handling of Hurricane Harvey rather than zeroing in on the victims’ humanity themselves.

Gutfield said Friday that liberals have largely ignored the real stories of Americans, faith, and the ability to overcome and endure, and instead, want to find a scapegoat in Trump on which to pin their “grim worldview” narrative.

What the liberal media is fixated on

So far Trump has visited the ravaged state of Texas twice in the week since Hurricane Harvey caused its destruction. Despite what Trump has done, much of the liberal media has chosen to simply criticize his every move.

Prior to Gutfield’s blistering commentary, “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters aired a clip highlighting audio that featured the Rev. Al Sharpton speaking to MSNBC.

Sharpton can be heard criticizing Trump’s “insensitivity” to Harvey victims.

“We all talked about how insensitive it was for him not to mention the victims in his first trip,” Sharpton told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

“Tomorrow should not be to remake or redo what he didn’t do the first trip,” Sharpton continued. “Tomorrow he ought to say, ‘We’re making immediate funding available, we’re gonna put FEMA people on the street to handle the debris,’ he needs to come in with a proactive agenda rather than a makeup for the debacle he did the other day.”

Gutfield goes off on leftists

Gutfield began his diatribe railing against Sharpton’s comments to Scarborough, but ended up crushing a larger, liberal agenda that says American spirit and unity are at their grimmest levels.

“This is a guy who has lived his life about himself; one of the most self-serving hustlers of our time,” Gutfield said of Sharpton. “He is the exact opposite of what you see in the streets of Houston and everywhere.”

Gutfield said that many “traditional leftists” are in “malfunction mode” because of the American people’s response to Hurricane Harvey.

“This is why you’re seeing [leftists] now blame Trump for this or for that,” he said. “They’re trying to find a narrative that matches their grim worldview because Harvey has destroyed their worldview.”

Lauding communities in Texas working together, Gutfield added, “There’s no more division, there’s no more bigotry, there’s no more racism, conflict — all you’re seeing 24/7 is unity, Americans all the time working together.”

Gutfield said that liberals are now in overdrive, searching for their next war to wage. “‘Let’s go after Trump because that might work,'” Gutfield mocked.


Liberal worldview destroyed by human nature...

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