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Harvey blamed on climate change despite drought from hurricane strikes


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Before Harvey, it had been a record 12 years since a major hurricane made landfall in the United States, but that hasn’t stopped the climate change movement from blaming the Category 4 storm on global warming.

A torrent of claims linking Hurricane Harvey to climate change surfaced after the storm hit Corpus Christi, Texas, late Friday, bringing catastrophic flooding and an unprecedented 50 inches of rain by Tuesday as the system stalled over the Houston area.

“Harvey is what climate change looks like,” meteorologist and climate activist Eric Holthaus declared Tuesday in Politico magazine.
Climate Reality Project, founded by former Vice President Al Gore, argued that “climate change makes hurricanes more devastating,” while 350.org called the storm “an unnatural disaster” and “the product of both a hotter planet and this administration’s climate denial, racism and callousness.”:snip:

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The only thing unique about Harvey is it happened to stall, so the rain all kept falling in the same areas.

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A Hurricane Worse Than Harvey Hit Texas, Before Americans Drove Cars

While media outlets are suggesting climate change is to blame for exacerbating Hurricane Harvey's conditions, a much worse hurricane hit Texas more than a century ago—before Americans drove to work.
The media have been quick to blame climate change for the devastation, which as of this writing has resulted in 30 flood-related deaths.
Politico magazine declared "Harvey Is What Climate Change Looks Like." The Washington Post attempted to blame President Donald Trump's "climate skepticism" for more storms in the future. The Guardian said, "It's a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly." NPR reported the storm's size and impact "points to climate change.":snip:

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