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Here are some bright moments from the darkness of Tropical Storm Harvey


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While Tropical Storm Harvey continues to affect those in gulf coast area of Texas, there have been bright moments amid the tragedy. Whether it’s people’s strength shining stronger than ever, or just funny moments that made us smile despite the sadness, these occurrences have been  a welcome bit of warmth.

Here are some great moments you may have missed amidst the devastation of Tropical Storm Harvey.

‘I’m not sure that that was water.’

Houston’s KRIV-TV has been covering the flooding in its home city extensively. However, some confusion as to a drink being handed around to rescue victims on a boat caused a hilarious moment between two anchors commenting on the scene.

A woman captured the moment of a female anchor speaking on the stresses of the victims, when the anchor noted some of the passengers on the boat sharing water between them from bottle’s cap. A male anchor humorously disagreed.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m not sure that that was water,” said the male anchor, causing the woman filming the clip to laugh out loud.


The light in the storm.

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