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The Media Can't Get What It Wants


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Just before leaving for an international flight, I charged up my Kindle Fire in order to be able to edit a manuscript on the plane.

This is when I discovered that the Kindle Fire had helpfully signed me up to the Washington Post (motto: "Democracy Dies in Darkness as We Smother Truth with a Pillow") as my news source of choice.

This was mildly annoying but not normally worth writing about. At least in the sense that all my electronics have tried to stick me with some variant of a left-even-for-MSM news source at one time or another. (My phone takes the cake, as when I called to demand they unsubscribe me from their “choice” of news -- ranging from CNN to HuffPo -- and the rep tried to guilt me with “Do you not wish to stay informed?” This is when seven languages and a vast gutter vocabulary came in handy.)

But the featured article from the Washington Post (motto: "Democracy Dies in Darkness, and That’s Why We Sponsor Earth Hour") was this one:  "As Trump ranted and rambled in Phoenix, his crowd slowly thinned."

I don’t even know if what the report purports to tell us is true. In fact, I will never know because the loaded terms in the headline tell me the person reporting it is completely in the can for anti-Trump, and unable to think outside it.


The medium controls the message.

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