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* Scott Johnson

August 25 2017

Ammo Grrrll peers into our near future and sees: IT WAS THE STATUES!!! I think I should add TRIGGER WARNING!!! just so you can’t say you weren’t warned. She writes:


Dateline…sometime in the not-so-distant future

Who knew? For many many decades the Educational Establishment had been absolutely consumed with the “gap” in educational achievement between students “of color” and students of extreme Nazi whiteness. And, of course, Asians, who are counted as “even worse than white” when it comes to curve-wrecking academics.

Some right-wing racists believed the gap had had something to do with studying more, fewer hours spent watching television, turning in homework, that sort of thing. But they were sent to reeducation camps and eventually were rehabilitated. The North Korean Get-Your-Mind-Right Diet Plan of 700 calories a day probably helped in focusing their attentions away from Wrong-Think.

Other outlawed Christian lunatics had noticed that there was a strong correlation between having a father in the home and the academic achievement and discipline of his children. The rations of such lunatics were reduced to 500 calories a day (2 yogurts, arugula, and a Fig Newton) until they came around.



The oceans commenced to lowering and the unicorns scampered among the rainbows and all was right with the world after the great Statue Eradication Project of 2017.


* Evil White Guy


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