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Nobody cares if Steve Bannon is in the White House ... except the press


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Steve Bannon's departure from the White House was heralded as an apocalyse for the Trump presidency. The news itself was billed so momentous it knocked the Charlottesville violence off the front page, in order to focus on the president's eminence gris, the man depicted in Saturday Night Live as 'the grim reaper.'
Supposedly, the president was risking his entire legacy in getting rid of this man the media hyped as 'Trump's Brain.' 
They claimed it was a highly risky move because surely Trump's political base would rebel and turn on him, those nasty deplorables. Get a load of The Hill's headline just two days ago:
THE MEMO: Trump's base frets about post-Bannon era
The base would rebel! The swamp would win! Bannon's exit 'a monumental change!' (no kidding, one of them said that) The Trump presidency is over!

Turns out a new poll shows that is not what happened. Wiping the egg off its face, the Daily Beast reported:
Beyond the anecdotal evidence, some early polling from the Trump campaign’s top pollster, Tony Fabrizio, also underscores that Trump voters seem not to care that Bannon is out of the White House.:snip:

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