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A New Murray Rothbard Book


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A New Murray Rothbard Book

11 HOURS AGO Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.

I have great news: a brand-new Murray Rothbard book on The Progressive Era. And do we need it!

Could anything be more timely, as we are daily plagued by these enemies of freedom, free enterprise, private property, and peace — indeed of Western civilization itself?

They’ve been doing their termite-like work since the 19th century, to almost constant applause. But now they have to face what could be a knockout blow.

Murray was a genius Austrian economist and libertarian philosopher, of course. But he was also one of the most significant American historians, as this book shows.

Also important: Murray was a writer of extraordinary power. This is a scholarly, completely documented, and detailed book. But Murray also had a novelist’s skill at character, narrative, and drive. It’s more than 500 pages, but you will not want to put it down.

Progressives, and the plutocrats who fund them, don’t :snip:  https://mises.org/blog/new-murray-rothbard-book 

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