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Jesse Watters Hits One Out of the Park


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Fox News’s prime time program The Five produced one of its best shows ever on Monday evening. In particular, rookie co-host Jesse Watters stood out in what was a memorable broadcast, and showed that he has the potential for gravitas.
The Five, the ensemble political talk show that moved to 9 PM ET on May 1 after a successful six-year run at 5 PM, has been ratings-challenged in its new time period and is usually beaten by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. On Monday, August 14, after two days of wall-to-wall cable news coverage of the deadly racially-tinged weekend violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, four of The Five’s co-hosts (not including Juan Williams) added some much needed clarity and perspective. A near-universal anti-Trump political spin had dominated the MSM’s Charlottesville reporting during the previous 54 hours.  That mainstream reporting, especially on CNN, has been noxious to a sickening degree and, almost three days later now, it shows no signs of abating.
About ten minutes into the “A block” of The Five on Monday, Watters had his first shot:
I just want to make it clear that Trump is not the villain. The racist killer is the villain. . . Let’s look at the facts about the whole “many sides” debate. You had both sides coming into the town armed to the teeth – with clubs, shields, mace – the Antifa people, the Black Lives Matter people, the white supremacists, the Neo-Nazis – they wanted to rumble.:snip:



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I Went to Charlottesville During the Protests. Here’s What I Saw.


I picked quite a time to go on a weekend trip to Charlottesville.
What was supposed to be a nice getaway with my wife turned into a journey through the eye of a national media storm.
On Saturday, clashes between “Unite the Right” protestors and “anti-fascist” counterprotesters at the foot of a Gen. Robert E. Lee statue—which the City Council had voted to remove from a local park—turned violent.
One woman was killed when an Ohio man allegedly associated with the white nationalist marchers rammed his car through a wave of people. He has been charged with second-degree murder.
Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. But this can't be done alone. Find out more >>
The clash between Nazis and leftists in the streets was an ugly and surreal scene one would associate with 1930s Germany, not a sleepy American town in the heart of central Virginia.
A City, and Country, in Shock
The attitude of people around Charlottesville—the silent majority—deserves to be noted. They were almost universally upset, blindsided, and resentful that these groups showed up in their community to drag down its reputation and fight their ideological proxy wars.
Albemarle County, which includes Charlottesville and a few other small towns, is deeply blue in its most populated centers around the University of Virginia and dark red on the outskirts. It’s politically purple. Yet everywhere I went, the attitude toward the protests was similar.
As a thunderstorm rolled in on Saturday evening, a waitress at a restaurant I ate at said, “Let’s hope this washes the day away.”
A local gas station attendant told my wife: “These people from out of town, Nazis, [Black Lives Matter], they’re all hate groups to me.”:snip:

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The original sins of Charlottesville

This past weekend, a small group representing the losers of American society put aside their Axis and Allies board games, exited their moms’ basements and proceeded to march down the streets of Charlottesville, Va., with tiki torches, chanting Nazi slogans.
Given that there are so few of their ilk in the United States, organizers had to advertise their gathering across the country for months to even achieve a few hundred attendees. Tragedy struck the next day, when one of the young men identifying with the white supremacists plowed his car into the crowd of counter-protesters, killing a young woman and injuring nearly two dozen.:snip:

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