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Scott Johnson

August 11 2017

Ammo Grrrll is offers a short course: HOW PRIVILEGED ARE YOU? Competitive Victimhood 101. She writes:


Let me stipulate right out of the box that I consider myself blessed beyond any possible sense of merit. Blessed by being raised by two stable, loving parents in a great small town in the Midwest; blessed by finding a wonderful spouse early in life; blessed with good health for myself and loved ones. I thank The Holy One, Blessed be He, for these blessings every day, multiple times.

But “privilege” per se? It is a stupid word in most of the contexts in which the “intersectional” mush-minds use it. Mostly it is used as a bludgeon with which to browbeat anyone who has worked hard and achieved anything. And also to excuse massive laziness and the eagerness to demand benefits unearned except on the basis of some accident of birth, like color or gender.

The whole school of thought makes me sick – not just for the inherent unfairness of blaming people for reading to their children, for being smarter than the average bear, for “not building” the many businesses they worked 12 hour days to sustain. But even more for the disaster that professional victimhood inflicts upon those who rely on it to skate through life.




My Daddy – not remotely a Participation Trophy kind of guy – always used to tell me, “People who are good at excuses are seldom good at anything else.” Intersectional Theory is just one big excuse with a faux intellectual veneer. Which is soooo much easier than actually putting in the work. Remember Rosie Ruiz, the woman who slid into the 1980 Boston Marathon in the last half mile or so? She didn’t train at 4:00 a.m.; she didn’t sweat; she didn’t battle shin splints or calluses. She just budged the line and tried to carry off the trophy. Is there any better definition of Affirmative Action?

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