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Union Files Federal Complaints After Nissan Workers Overwhelmingly Reject Representation


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The United Auto Workers union has turned to federal labor regulators to boost its campaign in the south after workers overwhelmingly rejected its bid to unionize a Mississippi plant.
Nissan workers in Canton voted 2,244 to 1,307 against unionization, dealing a blow to the UAW's bid to establish a footprint in right to work Mississippi. The union filed a slew of unfair labor practice complaints to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) as the two-day secret ballot election drew to a close on Friday. The complaints allege that the company's management violated federal labor law by threatening to close the plant or otherwise cut wages, benefits, or jobs if workers voted to join the union.
"We're disappointed but not surprised by the outcome in Canton," UAW Treasurer Gary Casteel said in a release. "Despite claiming for years to be neutral on the question of a union, Nissan waged one of the most illegal and unethical anti-union campaigns that I’ve seen in my lifetime. Clearly, Nissan will not honor workers' right to be free of coercion and intimidation without a binding court order requiring the company to stop.":snip:

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