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DeVos dedicated to empowering local schools against federal bureaucracy


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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos insists that everything she does at the department is aimed at getting the federal government out of local schools, making good on that populist campaign promise from President Trump while his big-ticket legislative goals remain mired in Congress.
Whether it’s replacing Obama-era school dictates with flexible guidelines or boosting school choice programs in districts across the country, the federal footprint in education is shrinking, Mrs. DeVos said.
Washington’s education establishment is not happy with the change of course. Teachers unions and liberal activists decry the retreat and accuse the Trump administration of leaving children and college students at the mercy of for-profit schools.
But breaking apart the “government-run education monopoly,” as Mr. Trump described it during the presidential race, was precisely why he chose Mrs. DeVos.
She is a longtime crusader for charter schools and voucher programs that allow federal funds to pay tuition at private and religious schools.:snip:

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