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George Soros-funded news org is targeting Sean Hannity’s sponsors, trying to get Fox to fire him


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Media Matters for America, a left-wing news organization funded by ultra-liberal George Soros, is on a crusade to get Fox News host Sean Hannity fired — and they’ve become very public about their effort.

After the Fox host earlier this year insisted on reporting on the story of murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Ruch, Media Matters put pressure on Hannity’s advertisers in an effort to oust his from his longtime anchor role at Fox.

Media Matters home page on Saturday. (Image source: screenshot) Media Matters home page on Saturday. (Image source: screenshot)

The campaign failed — but that hasn’t stopped the progressive organization from their anti-Hannity crusade. The organization revitalized their campaign this week and they’re making it very obvious.

When a user went to the organization’s website on Saturday, mediamatters.org, the first thing plastered on the website is a photo of Hannity with the caption, “It’s time to stop Hannity.” When users click on the banner, it redirects to a “take action” page calling on users “join the fight to stop Hannity.”

“At this point, if a company is sponsoring Sean Hannity’s show, it is essentially supporting a Trump propaganda operation. It needs to stop,” the site reads.

“Sean Hannity has a long record of right-wing chicanery, lies, and vitriol. But he has morphed into something more dangerous than just a partisan hack — he’s been exposed as a full-blown propagandist who conspires with the Trump administration to spread fabricated stories, smear detractors, and undercut the rule of law,” it adds.

Immediately under the banner, users are directed to an article listing the advertisers that have appeared on Hannity’s show in recent months.


They're frustrated by their inability to dig up any dirt on him.

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