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GOP states move to cut Medicaid


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Republican governors are working with the Trump administration to do something Congress couldn’t accomplish — fundamentally alter their state Medicaid programs.
At least six states with GOP governors— Arkansas, Kentucky, Arizona, Maine, Wisconsin and Indiana — have already drafted plans meant to introduce new rules people would have to meet to be eligible for Medicaid, which provides healthcare to the poor.
Some want to add work requirements or introduce drug testing for recipients. Others want to raise premium prices.
President Trump’s administration has to approve the plans. Some approvals could come in weeks.
Critics say the proposed changes will leave fewer people on Medicaid and hurt the poor and vulnerable.
“There are limits on what's allowable and tying eligibility to work or drug testing or some of these other things is not consistent with what should be allowed,” said Judith Solomon, vice president for health policy at the liberal-leaning Centers on Budget and Policy Priorities.:snip:

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