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What’s New in My Lawsuit Against the Government for Breaking Into My Computer


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I’m frequently asked about the status of my lawsuit against the Justice Department over secret, unlawful intrusions into my computers, exposed in 2013. While the case is moving slowly through the federal court system, there is a new development:

Ongoing forensic work has revealed a second government Internet Protocol (IP) address used in the illegal cyberattacks on my computer laptop system. Those IP addresses don’t belong there.
In a new affidavit filed last week, cybersecurity expert David Scantling said:

The presence of these USPS [Postal Service] addresses on [Attkisson’s] computer is not a mistake; it is not a random event; and it is not technically possible for these IP addresses to simply appear on her computer systems without activity by someone using them as part of the cyberattack.
Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. But this can't be done alone. 

Scantling served as a contractor for the National Security Agency and the CIA, and as a Department of Defense civilian employee. He is familiar with Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) cyberattacks.

In fact, he developed and deployed similar APT cyberattacks against foreign government, commercial, insurgent, and terrorist targets. He also developed and deployed cybersecurity countermeasures in the private sector to defend against such attacks.:snip:

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