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The Unbearable Whiteness of Being (a College Kid)


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Steven Hayward



Today in the annals of white liberal guilt are two stories that are beyond the satirical genius of Tom Wolfe.

First, from Swarthmore, where the Swarthmore Anti-Capitalist Collective (SACC) has disbanded because it was too white and middle class. Campus Reform noted that SACC’s now-dormant Facebook page agonized that “SACC’s fundamental failure” was that “at its formation, it was made up of entirely white, with the exception of one person of color, students,” and to make matters worse, “not one of [the founding members] are from low-income and/or working class backgrounds. . . low-income people of color should never be an afterthought in a group whose politics supposedly focus on their liberation.”

Of course, you may well wonder how many low income students there are at this private college that costs $63,500 a year.

Second, where else but the evergreen venue of Evergreen State would we expect this headline:


Evergreen College pledges to train students not to discriminate against white people

By Jennifer Kabbany

After a white Evergreen State College student filed a formal complaint citing claims of “racially driven violence and harassment” from peers of color, a campus official has pledged that future training topics for student leaders will include preventing bias based on race.

The complaint had been filed by student Steve Coffman*, a junior and history major at the embattled university, who stated that at a heated campus meeting in late May organized by students who claimed the campus is racist and attended by President George Bridges, Coffman was told to get out of the seat he was sitting in and move to the back of the room because he is white.





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Meanwhile...............Todays Ray Of Hope.............................


North Carolina enacts Restore Campus Free Speech Act

Paul Mirengoff

August 1, 2017


Stanley Kurtz reports that the state of North Carolina has enacted the Restore Campus Free Speech Act. This is the first comprehensive campus free-speech legislation to be based on the Goldwater Institute proposal that Stanley helped develop.

The final version of the Act passed the North Carolina House by a margin of 80 to 31. Ten Democrats, about a quarter of those present, voted for the bill. The final version passed the Senate by a margin of 34 to 11 along strict party lines.

Roy Cooper, the state’s Democratic governor, took no action on the bill. Thus, it has become law.

The legislation does the following:




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