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Princeton to Offer Class on Foundations of Modern Conservatism


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One of America’s best universities is making an effort to increase intellectual diversity. This fall, Princeton University will offer a course on the intellectual foundations of modern conservatism.

The course, which will be called “Intellectual Foundations of Modern Conservatism,” will be taught by Philosophy Professor Thomas Kelly and offered exclusively to freshman.

“What first interested me in offering this particular course was my growing conviction that, in at least some respects, Princeton University is something of a progressive bubble, where students are not really exposed to the best arguments that can be made for various heterodox political and social views,” Kelly told The College Fix during an interview.

Kelly went onto explain that administrators and faculty initially claimed that conservatism was well-represented at the university due to the presence of notable conservative scholar Robert George.

“When I expressed concerns about viewpoint diversity at Princeton,” Kelly said, “the stock response that I received was: ‘conservative views and arguments are well-represented here; after all, we have Robbie George!’”


The more, the merrier, then...


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