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Despite concerns, Texas legislators push to regulate powdered alcohol


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Despite concerns, Texas legislators push to regulate powdered alcohol

Concerns about powdered alcohol have led 34 states to ban or considering banning it. However, both the House and Senate are considering legislation that would regulate the product in Texas.


Andrea Marquez came to a House committee hearing Monday armed with three things: Kool-Aid packets, her makeup bag and a big bottle of Jack Daniels.


The 17-year-old from El Paso High School told the House Licensing and Administrative Committee hearing Monday that the Kool-Aid pouches were the same size as packets that could hold powdered alcohol — a form of dehydrated booze that can be mixed with water, soda or juice.


Marquez counted 48 packets in her makeup bag, the equivalent of 48 shots — eight shots more than the bottle of whiskey she had an adult bring into the hearing room.


“I have so many shots in my makeup bag, and I can tell you that this is very small,” Marquez said. “How easy would it be for me to leave the house, go to a party and carry this with me? Which do you think would be easier to conceal: my makeup bag or a bottle?”


Chris Porter, spokesman for Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, said powdered alcohol products haven’t appeared in Texas market yet

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