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Anti-Trump Vandalism in Philly Traced Back to City Attorney


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The question is, will there any consequences for what he did?

Silly me

Kenney: No Punishment Yet for City Attorney ID’d in Anti-Trump Vandalism
Kenney said he will wait to determine the fate of the wineglass-toting, scarf-clad man allegedly caught in surveillance footage.
Claire Sasko

December 2, 2016


Mayor Jim Kenney said he will wait to determine a course of action regarding the city attorney who was allegedly caught photographing an accomplice’s anti-Donald Trump vandalism in Chestnut Hill in a video released earlier this week.


Police identified assistant city solicitor Duncan Lloyd in surveillance footage from November 25th, which officials released this past Tuesday. Lloyd is apparently the wineglass-toting man clad in an ascot and blazer, who appears to raise his cellphone to photograph his still-unidentified accomplice as the accomplice spray paints “F*** Trump” on the side of an upscale grocery store.




Lloyd could not be reached for comment. Police said this morning that no arrests have been made.
Read more at http://www.phillymag.com/news/2016/12/02/kenney-city-attorney-anti-trump-vandalism/#CCiqKdR8Wi2YSLOT.99

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