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Hillary Clinton Is Unfit To Be President


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hillary-clinton-is-unfit-to-be-presidentDaily Caller:

That most of the major news outlets tilt left, and have been providing Hillary Clinton with varying degrees of support since she announced her candidacy would come as little surprise to most observers. However, the last few weeks have seen a fundamental shift in approach by these same news outlets, as they have abandoned all pretense of objectivity in an all out effort to elect Hillary Clinton. They have attempted to justify those efforts by the increasingly frantic assertion that Donald Trump is not qualified to be President. However, these same media outlets have been equally determined in their efforts to avoid any discussion of the fact that Hillary Clinton is, by any objective standard – and without regard to her political positions — manifestly unqualified for the Oval Office.


Strong evidence in support of this proposition relates to her intentional establishment and use of an illicit private server while serving as Secretary of State, to which and from which classified information was sent for a number of years. This was done in circumvention of U.S. law, which acts were also likely crimes. This one decision, reaffirmed hundreds if not thousands of times by Hillary Clinton through her continued use of the Server for years provides clear evidence that she is unfit for the Presidency.



Unfit and unable.

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