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ObamaCare architect on defense over rising premiums, blames Republicans


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obamacare-architect-on-defense-over-rising-premiums-blames-republicans.htmlFox News:

ObamaCare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel sought Wednesday to defend the embattled health care law he helped design, in a contentious interview with Fox News where he tried to pin the blame for rising premiums on Republican lawmakers.


Speaking with "The Kelly File," Emanuel acknowledged premium hikes in some markets are a "problem" that needs to be addressed. But he also accused critics of "cherry-picking" the worst-case scenarios.


"Some have gone up higher than others, but the premium hikes are because they came in, they did re-calibrate the market. They were trying to get market share, and it is a correction. It is a problem that we do need to address. But it is not across the board," he said. "And it is going to be a one-time increase.”


Emanuel also argued that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and other GOP lawmakers were to blame because of their push to prevent tax dollars from being used to cover insurance company losses.


"Republicans bear some of the responsibility for this," Emanuel said. "Remember: Marco Rubio eliminated some of the risk adjustment that actually buffered and helped the insurance companies in this situation. He took it out of the budget. And that is a serious problem.”



The "It ain't our fault" defense.

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