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Interior: Sea level rise will leave Statue of Liberty 'underwater'


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2603846Washington Examiner:

The Department of Interior warned that climate change could lead one day to the Statue of Liberty being "underwater" due to sea level rise and storm surges.


Touting a study released Thursday showing that spring is coming earlier in 75 percent of the national parks, the Interior Department released a list of seven iconic views that could be changed by climate change.


Among the natural wonders was the Statue of Liberty, the 305-foot statue on Liberty Island off the coast of New York City.


"One of the most recognizable statues in the world could someday be underwater," the list stated. "Sea-level rise and an increase in storm surges are putting the Statue of Liberty at risk — in 2012, Hurricane Sandy inundated the statue's island in water, causing it to close for nearly eight months of repairs."



The Al Gore school of science.

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