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Reid trashes polling site showing GOP ahead in Nevada Senate race


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2603829Washington Examiner:

Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday slammed the respected RealClearPolitics website, which says a Republican is likely to replace Reid in the Senate next year.


Reid, D-Nev., told a reporter for the aggregate and news site that RCP did not accurately assess the state of the Senate race in Nevada, where Republican Rep. Joe Heck is running against Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat.


The RealClear Politics average shows Heck leading Masto by more than three points, an advantage he has held for months. But Reid called the polling "bad" after an RCP reporter asked about the state of the race.


"I don't want to let any of the air out of your balloon, buddy, but RealClear Politics is one of the worst." Reid said the site uses inaccurate polls.



Dusty Harry feels the heat.

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