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‘Flawless’ Victory: Mike Pence Dominates Tim Kaine in Vice Presidential Debate


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FARMVILLE, Virginia — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the GOP’s vice presidential nominee, dominated his Democratic counterpart Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) in the only debate between the two before the election at Longwood University.

“Gov. Pence was flawless,” Jason Miller, the senior communications adviser to Pence’s running mate Donald J. Trump, told Breitbart News. “Tonight showed the strength of the Trump-Pence ticket and that our ideas are better for America. And ultimately, it showed the good judgment Donald Trump has in selecting such a strong number two in Gov. Pence.”

Pence’s win came on a night where the Democratic presidential ticket of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Kaine were set back significantly after a smooth past week since the first of three Trump-Clinton debates at Hofstra University last Monday. Trump, under fire from Clinton and her allies in the legacy establishment media since the last debate, has clawed his way back from the brink yet again with a series of successful rallies during the weekend, culminating with a major pair of appearances in Colorado on Monday evening. But it was Pence’s performance at the vice presidential debate, moderated by CBS News’ Elaine Quijano, that has put new spring in the Trump camp’s step heading into the next all-important debate on Sunday evening in St. Louis.


Pence took command of the stage from the outset. After both Kaine and Pence gave satisfactory answers to a fundamental question about readiness for the presidential job should that need ever arise, the first real question of the debate to Kaine from Quijano set the tone off the bat.


“Senator Kaine, on the campaign trail, you praised Secretary Clinton’s character, including her commitment to public service, yet 60 percent of voters don’t think she’s trustworthy. Why do so many people distrust her? Is it because they have questions about her emails and the Clinton Foundation?” Quijano asked Kaine.


In his answer, Kaine refused to defend Clinton at all on the Clinton Foundation—the source of controversy for perhaps the Clinton political dynasty’s biggest scandals, the Clinton Cash narrative—and wouldn’t defend her use of a private email server either.


Instead, when trying to explain why he trusts Clinton when so many Americans do not, he quickly pivoted the answer into an attack on Donald Trump instead—without giving any substantial evidence for why anyone should trust his running mate. When Pence got a similar question as a follow-up, he seized the moment to frame Kaine and Clinton as simply hurlers of insults running a policy-free campaign.



Pence came, he saw, he kicked Kaine's keister.


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