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Pairing Texas Wines and Cheese


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Pairing Texas Wines and Cheese

With a little help from the cheesemongers at Antonelli’s Cheese House, in Austin.

September 30, 2016 By Jessica Dupuy1 Comment


Young, soft cheeses work best with crisp, dry white or rosés or slightly chilled red wines with low tannin. Younger cheeses tend to carry nuances of lighter fruits and fresh herbs, so wines equal in freshness will generally work well for these. Note: For more herbaceous goat cheeses, opt for Sauvignon Blanc.

Try: Full Quiver Farms fresh Mozzarella with Infinite Monkey Theory 2015 Chenin Blanc or Pure Luck Chèvre with Spicewood Vineyards 2015 Sauvignon Blanc.


Semi-hard cheeses have a little more depth of flavor and can take on more medium-bodied whites and reds.

Try: Veldhuizen Cheese Shoppe Greens Creek Gruyere with Pedernales Cellars 2015 Viognier or McPherson Cellars 2015 Cinsault.


Aged creamier cheese such as older brie or taleggio need a red wine with some tannin and similar earthy qualities like mushroom and tobacco, like Texas Tempranillos.

Try: Brazos Valley Cheese Brie with Lewis Wines 2012 Parr Vineyard Tempranillo.


Blue cheese needs a wine that can calm down the robust flavors and salty characteristics. Instead of making the wine compete, opt for sweeter, aged wines wines that complement instead.

Try: Mozzarella Company Deep Ellum Blue cheese with 2013 Haak Vineyards and Winery Blanc du Bois Madeira.


Harder, aged cheeses tend to have fatty protein as well as nutty and salty qualities making them perfect for bigger, tannic wines as well as full-bodied sweet wines such as port.

Try: Veldhuizen Cheese Shoppe Double Barrel Cheddar with Brennan Vineyards 4.0 Cellars 2015 Montepulciano or Messina Hof Paulo Port



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