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When I Was Little: A tale of life in Mississippi during the War


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When I Was Little: A tale of life in Mississippi during the War


By Clemmie Parker Wilcox on Nov 9, 2015

This story was originally published at Alabama Pioneers and comes from the book Alokoli : the Choctaw County.


“Tell us about when you were little” was the oft repeated request of two lovely wee girls, my grandchildren and now comes the request that I put it down in writing. Viewed from their own childhood of peace and plenty mine seemed a strange one.


Impressed by mother’s courage

Looking backward to that long ago childhood, the thing that impresses me most was the undaunted courage of my mother. My father, Dr. Reden Nauflet Parker, was a surgeon in the Confederate Army and her four brothers were in the same army. She was left with two little children to care for and get along as best she could. No man to shield and protect her.


In these “Piping Times of Peace” when the Yankees are welcome to our sunny southern climate it seems almost unreal with what dread, “The Yankees are coming” once filled our hearts. The Yankees came and were soon opening trunks, dresser drawers, everything searching for valuables. They did not find any, for several nights before and alone, my mother had gone secretly and dug a hole in the henhouse, where she buried what little gold and silver money she had left, her jewelry and silver tableware. She pulled a box in which a hen was sitting over this place so that the newly upturned dirt would not be noticed. That hen sat undisturbed over the gold and silver mine, and I’ve heard my mother say was the only one she had left when the Yankees were gone. Scissors-32x32.png


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