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The Oligarchy is Losing Its Grip, But Its Death Throes May Prove Fatal – to Us


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The Oligarchy is Losing Its Grip, But Its Death Throes May Prove Fatal – to Us

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By:Jim Jatras | September 21, 2016

“How American Media Serves as a Transmission Belt for Wars of Choice”


Several weeks ago the mainstream media (MSM) gave saturation coverage to a picture of a little boy pulled from the rubble of Aleppo after his home and family were crushed in what was dubiously reported as a Russian airstrike. Promptly dubbed “Aleppo Boy,” his dusty image immediately went viral in every prestige outlet in the United States and Europe. The underlying message: we—the “international community,” “the Free World,” the United States, you and I—must “do something” top stop Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his main backer and fellow Hitler clone Vladimir Putin.


Not long before, another little boy, also in the area of Aleppo, was beheaded on video by the “moderate” U.S.-supported jihad terror group Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki. The images of his grisly demise received far less media attention than those of official Aleppo Boy. This other kid received no catchy moniker. No one called for anyone in power to “do something.” In fact, western support for the al-Zenki jihadists—which the Obama administration refused to disavow even after the beheading and allegations of chlorine gas use by al-Zenki—can itself be seen as part of “doing something” about the evil, evil Assad. Scissors-32x32.png


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