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FBI Director Gets a Big Wake-Up Call from Congress After Letting Hillary Off the Hook


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697755-fbi-director-gets-a-big-wake-up-call-from-congress-after-letting-hillary-off-the-hookIndependent Journal Review :

Kyle Becker

Sept. 21 2016


It is a decision still sticking the craw of millions of Americans.


The FBI Director's recommendation to the Attorney General not to indict Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for legal infractions with her private email server while at the State Department still has many political observers shaking their heads over the obvious legal double standard.


The decision-making of FBI Director Comey, who recently sent highly redacted notes of his interview process and investigation of Hillary Clinton, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who had a private meeting with Bill Clinton prior to her case being dismissed, have been highly scrutinized.


After grilling Comey on the Hill, Congress requested that the director deliver certain documents so lawmakers could better understand the scope and breadth of Hillary Clinton's extra-legal email activities. The director has reportedly failed to deliver, and now Congress is once again trying to get transparency.


The Washington Examiner reported:



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