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Trump shares results from recent physical during ‘Dr. Oz’ taping


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donald-trump-shared-results-recent-physical-dr-ozWashington Times:

Donald Trump shared results from a recent physical examination with Dr. Mehmet Oz during a taping of Dr. Oz’s show on Wednesday after asking a studio audience if he should do so.


Mr. Trump’s physical examination was performed last week by Dr. Harold Bornstein, Mr. Trump’s longtime personal physician who wrote a letter last year saying Mr. Trump would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the White House.


In a preview clip of the show, which is to air Thursday, Dr. Oz asks Mr. Trump if his health is as strong as it seems, “why not share your medical records?”


“Well, I have really no problem in doing it. I have it right here,” Mr. Trump said.



Your turn, Mrs. Clinton...

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