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The Day The Election Ended


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the-day-the-election-endedDaily Caller:

President Trump. Better get used to the sound of that. Since no one else will say it, I will. The race for President officially ended last Sunday and Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. Historians and pundits will look back at the events of September 11, 2016 as the day that Hillary Clinton lost. Fifteen years to the day after America stood brave and came together after being attacked, Mrs. Clinton had her own attack. As with all things Clinton, these wounds were self-inflicted.


I am not referring to the “overheating” or “medical episode” she experienced last Sunday, call it what you may. It is pretty clear to anyone who is even remotely objective that her overall general health is questionable at best. The pneumonia is probably not the main malady she is suffering from. Her coughing attacks have been going on for months and months now. Unless she has had pneumonia for a long time, there is something else going on with her health. It is far more likely that the pneumonia was a result of some other medical issue that has caused her health to deteriorate leading her to come down with pneumonia, not the other way around. To be objective, she is almost 70, overweight and has had a long history of medical issues. Since 2011, Mrs. Clinton has had at least one concussion, double vision, suffered significant short-term memory loss (if we are to believe her FBI testimony) and had a blood clot removed from the space between her brain and skull. Not exactly the epitome of health, and that is just since 2011. She doesn’t exercise and has never really been athletic in any way. Lack of exercise and carrying that kind of excess weight as one gets older puts such an inordinate amount of stress on the body in so many ways, and can lead to a whole host of health-related issues even in relatively healthy people.


Her medical condition, however, is not really what is at issue here. The Clintons’, as they always do, have already started to do some damage control in an attempt to manage the fallout. The campaign has announced that they are going to release more of her medical records later this week. Is there any doubt that the report will show she is in tip top shape and there is nothing to worry about with regards to her long-term health? She is probably so healthy she will outlive us all. In truth, maybe Mrs. Clinton is healthy and maybe she isn’t. Regardless, the real issue here is not her health. The real issue here is Mrs. Clinton’s ever pervasive lying and secrecy. If Watergate taught the country anything it is that most of the time it is not the crime but the attempted cover up that ends up causing the most damage. That is exactly what happened last Sunday. It is the lying about her medical condition that will be remembered as the defining moment and when her campaign officially ended.



The media and the Democrats will still pull out all the stops to get her into the White House, though.

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