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Texas vs. the Feds — A Look at the Lawsuits


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Texas vs. the Feds — A Look at the Lawsuits

by Neena Satija, Lindsay Carbonell and Ryan McCrimmon

July 27, 2016


Since President Obama took office in 2009, the state of Texas has sued his administration at least 44 times, according to a Texas Tribune analysis of state data — a point of pride for the state's Republican leaders.


Former Texas Attorney General and current Gov. Greg Abbott filed 31 of those lawsuits. His successor, Ken Paxton, has mounted 13 such legal challenges since taking office in 2015. Paxton's office has provided cost estimates for 39 of those cases, which as of

mid-2016 totaled about $5.9 million.


So what did Texans get for their money? So far, there have been seven cases in the win column for the state, with 12 losses, nine cases withdrawn and 16 pending. (Scroll down to see details on each case.)


In the state's most recent win, a split U.S. Supreme Court decision struck down Obama's executive order that would have provided relief from deportation to millions of people. But the outcome of that case could change after a new justice is appointed. Scissors-32x32.png


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