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However one feels about this year’s presidential election, I don’t think conservatives can dispute the importance of the congressional races. If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, a Republican House and Senate will be crucial to thwarting her left-wing designs. If Trump wins, a Republican House and Senate will be crucial to advancing the conservative part of his agenda (if any) and blocking the liberal part (if any).


It’s true that the current Republican House and Senate have been unable to block parts of President Obama’s left-wing designs and less willing than they should be to block other parts. But without the efforts of Republican Senators and Representatives during the last five and a half years, Obamacare would be just the tip of a huge enacted liberal agenda.


With this in mind, we present our 2016 Power Line Picks with the goal of raising money for six deserving Republican congressional candidates. We have selected two incumbent Senators — Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin; two incumbent Representative — Mia Love of Utah and Scott Garrett of New Jersey; and two House challengers — Stewart Mills of Minnesota and Brian Mast of Florida.


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GOP now optimistic about holding Senate


As Donald Trump is once again competitive with Hillary Clinton, Republicans are increasingly optimistic that they will retain their Senate majority and fend off challenges against their incumbent.

Republicans began to panic as Trump slid in the polls after the Democratic convention and many GOP incumbents went in the hole with him. But the more recent numbers have been encouraging for Republicans.


"I think Republicans have a very good chance at keeping the Senate. If you asked me that a month ago, I would have said the Democrats have a significant lead and edge on retaking it, but things are tightening," said Ron Bonjean, a GOP consultant. "The races are tighter in the battleground states."


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