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NSA leaker Edward Snowden blasts Russian govt. for human rights violations


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edward-snowden-blasts-russia-over-unnecessary-costWashington Times:

Three years after his NSA revelations spurred a sea change in the United States with respect to surveillance, former contractor Edward Snowden admitted in a recent interview that conditions in other nations — and particularly his current home, Russia — have only worsened.

Speaking from a Moscow hotel, Mr. Snowden said Russia had “gone very far, in ways that are completely unnecessary, costly and corrosive to individual and collective rights” of its citizens, the Financial Times reported Friday.

“The laws have gotten worse in some countries,” he said during the wide-ranging interview. “France has gone very far, so too, of course, countries like Russia, China. In Britain there’s an authoritarian trend.”

“I can’t fix the human rights situation in Russia, and realistically my priority is to fix my own country first, because that’s the one to which I owe the greatest loyalty. But though the chances are it will make no difference, maybe it’ll help.”Scissors-32x32.png

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