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The Mighty Tadpole, an excerpt from the book, Fifty Thousand Years


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The Mighty Tadpole, an excerpt from the book, Fifty Thousand Years

By Skook 15 Comments


Sat, Jun, 25th, 2016


Fifty Thousand Years, is an historical romance. It was written by Skook, under an old family name, Dylan Casa Del Lobos. The 100,000 word scientific novel will be on Amazon this fall. This is a sneak preview. The story follows a maternal line of women, dating back 50,000 years ago to the first major exodus out of Africa, during a glacial pulse of the Great Ice Age. Most of my heroes and complex characters are women. They have a genetic propensity to carve the finest paleolithic flint tools that allowed man to survive and thrive during the difficult eons of the Ice Ages. Their artistic senses would change as science and technology evolved. Science has made dramatic discoveries within our DNA and the Archaeology of the last 50,000 years, some of these new facts will be stressed in this story that is meant to encourage women and give them confidence, rather than convince them to take on the role of perpetual victims. This is Skook’s version of Feminism. This particular story is my favorite out of many. It was plucked from the middle of the book, approximately 30,000 years ago; Scissors-32x32.png


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