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'BORIS ISN'T CAPABLE' Michael Gove’s extraordinary attack on his Brexit partner as he launches Tory leadership bid


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team-boris-johnson-lash-out-as-michael-gove-is-accused-of-plotting-coup-from-the-startThe Sun:

MICHAEL Gove has blasted Boris Johnson in an extraordinary personal attack on television which brutally torpedoed the ex-London mayor’s chances of becoming Prime Minister.


The Justice Secretary said he had come to the conclusion his Brexiteer mate “was not capable” of running the country and instead he would have to run.


After his sensational comments Boris pulled out and the Conservative leadership race was blown wide open.


Speaking to the BBC, Gove said: “Boris is an amazing and an impressive person, but I’ve realised in the last few days, that Boris isn’t capable of building that team and providing that unity."


He added: "I came reluctantly but firmly to the conclusion that as someone who had argued from the beginning we should leave the European Union and as someone who wanted to ensure that a bold, positive vision for our future was implemented that I had to stand for the leadership of the Conservative Party.”


It derailed what was shaping up to be a simple two-horse race between lead "unity" candidate Home Secretary Theresa May and Brexiteer Boris, whose team had previously boasted of having 100 MPs on board.



Et tu, Michael?


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