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The Fiery History Of Early Christianity


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The Fiery History Of Early Christianity

In 'Tried By Fire,' William J. Bennett tells how the forces that tried to extinguish early Christianity forged it into an indomitable institution.

Hannah Niemeier / JUNE 24, 2016


Lions have torn them limb from limb. Snakes have been forced down their throats. Some were disemboweled. Others were strangled, starved to death, or burned at the stake.

And they sought glory in these untimely ends: when death by asphyxiation wasn’t enough, they asked to be crucified upside down.


For Christians in the ancient world, the Way of Life often led to a bloody death, and conservative leader William J. Bennett resurrects the stories of these saints, sinners, and martyrs in Tried by Fire, a biography of the first thousand years of Christianity.


Bennett has been a trusted voice for a largely conservative Christian audience for more than 30 years. The former secretary of education under Ronald Reagan and host of the talk radio show “Morning in America,” Bennett has championed American patriotism and traditional values in more than 25 books, including America: The Last Best Hope, a three-volume narrative history written to inspire “informed patriotism,” and his wildly popular Book of Virtues, which was viewed as a McGuffey’s Reader for the 1990s. Scissors-32x32.png



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