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This Is Why We Have A Federal System


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March 24, 2016 This Is Why We Have A Federal System


Here is a controversial idea from Ithaca, NY:


Ithaca’s Anti-Heroin Plan: Open a Site to Shoot Heroin


Don't get hung up on the clickbait headline - the supervised injection site is one part of a four part plan.


Ever since Mr. Myrick, 29, unveiled a plan last month for what he called a “supervised injection facility,” critics have pounced on it as a harebrained idea that would just enable more drug abuse. A Republican state legislator, Tom O’Mara, called it “preposterous” and “asinine,” and a Cornell law professor, William A. Jacobson, said it would be a “government-run heroin shooting gallery.”


When Wild Bill Jacobson has a strongly held view I listen very carefully. On the other hand, when the Times is honest enough to provide a link to their source, I check it - mistrust but verify, as someone should have said about the Old Colored Lady. Bill Jacobson's conclusion:



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