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We need to crack down on illegal immigrants wiring money out of the U.S.


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2584543Washington Examiner:

The Obama administration has shown a complete lack of both competence and interest when it comes to securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws. And that's costing us a lot of money. Billions, in fact.


There are the billions of taxpayer dollars used to subsidize illegal immigrants' health care and education. There's the revenue we lose out on when illegal immigrants don't pay income taxes. And there's a less recognized pot of billions — the billions of dollars of earnings that illegal immigrants wire out of the United States with no tax or penalty.


We have a lot of folks here in the United States from other countries — some are here legally, many of them are not — who go to storefronts or bodegas to wire money to their home country. These transfers are known as remittances.Scissors-32x32.png


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