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Mary Katharine Ham: Trump’s Jabs Are His Entire Brand


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The Federalist
Mary Katharine Ham: Trump’s Jabs Are His Entire Brand

'A bully's gotta get punched.'


MARCH 4, 2016 By The Federalist Staff

Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday night to talk about the GOP debate and Donald Trump’s substance-less debate tactics.


“The jabs are Donald Trump’s entire brand,” Ham said.


She defended Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz’s decision to adopt Trump’s method of deploying personal attacks, explaining that it’s the only way to rattle the real-estate mogul and reveal the shallow nature of his policy ideas.


“The problem with the GOP until now, and Cruz and Rubio frankly, has been that they’re not going after the frontrunner in such a way as to push him off his game — which is to jab, jab, jab,” she said. “A bully’s gotta get punched.”



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