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The #NeverTrump Crowd Should Get a Life (UPDATED)


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the-nevertrump-crowd-should-get-a-lifeP J Media: The #NeverTrump Crowd Should Get a Life (UPDATED)




UPDATE: This column has been updated to reflect new reality after late-night Ted Cruz victory in Alaska.


Ted Cruz won three states, including his Texas home and a surprise victory in Oklahoma, Marco Rubio scored for the first time in Minnesota and came close in Virginia, and even John Kasich challenged in Vermont, but there is no question that Donald Trump was the big winner on Super Tuesday on the Republican side. He won seven of eleven states.


The most fascinating, and telling, race was ultra-liberal Massachusetts where Trump won nearly 50% of the vote, suggesting reports were correct that he was altering the electoral landscape, pulling in the long-lost Reagan Democrats, some of whom may have switched parties to vote for Donald. (GOP turnout was huge, dwarfing the Democrats practically everywhere.) Scissors-32x32.png

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The Post-Super Tuesday Arithmetic

On Wednesday morning Steyn started the day with Toronto's Number One morning man, John Oakley, live on AM640. After John's noting of the Aussie Foreign Minister's kind words about Mark, they discussed the US presidential race after yesterday's Super Tuesday primaries. Steyn noted the delegate count: Trump 285 Cruz 161 Rubio 87 Kasich 25 Carson 8 In other words: Trump 285, everybody else 281. As Mark saw the arithmetic, there are only two remaining scenarios: either Trump wins the nomination ...Scissors-32x32.png


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Filed under: General — Patterico @ 7:40 am

I saw it all over Facebook and Twitter and didn’t bother to watch. You know: another one of these ex-Daily Show guys. Parrots the usual liberal line (e.g. Net Neutrality) to a mindless crowd of millenials. And every headline screams “John Oliver DESTROYS Donald Trump” like all the lefty blogs used to trumpet every stupid Jon Stewart clip. Destroys destroys destroys. Why should I bother?


Then a homicide detective told me I needed to watch it, and that was the push I needed. It is, in fact, very entertaining — all 20 minutes of it. What’s more, it seems to be more careful about the facts, and more effective, than either Serious Media or Marco Rubio’s attacks have been. Worth your time.


My favorite line comes after he shows Trump advocating killing terrorists’ families — something that regular readers know appalled me when Trump first said it. Oliver says:




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