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The Biggest Loser of Super Tuesday Wasn't on the Ballot


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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shocked the political world by endorsing Donald Trump last Friday, but now he is the butt of their jokes. Christie introduced Trump before The Donald's victory speech Tuesday night, and the governor's facial expressions gave a glimpse at the heart of a truly desperate man. Worse, news broke that New Jersey newspapers are calling for his resignation, confirming his recent low approval ratings.


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An open letter to GOP politicians who might back Trump


If you are an elected Republican officeholder, think long and hard before jumping on the Donald Trump bandwagon.


It's a presidential election year. Naturally you're thinking of your political career. That's a given. You have principles, but you also measure the political winds. You care about your position within the Republican Party. You watch who is rising and who is falling.


You might not admit it in public, but at times you imagine yourself as a future cabinet secretary or vice president, or even as a president someday.


Thinking about those long term goals, you realize that reaching them is not simply about judging who is winning right now. It's about your character and judgment in knowing when a front runner is radioactive and could poison your career.Scissors-32x32.png



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Geee, this pj media writer certainly is not a Trump supporter while the pj media write on another thread definitely was a Trump supporter. Interesting that even there sharp differences and opinions reign.

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