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Obama’s Jobs Czar Absolutely Savages Feds: ‘Most Government Policy Is Anti-Growth’


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obamas-jobs-czar-jeffrey-immelt-government-policy-anti-growthDaily Caller:

Obama’s jobs czar, General Electric Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt, reassured stockholders in a letter Friday the company is still a solid investment despite most government policies perpetuating a cycle of “slow growth, poor job creation, populism, low productivity, higher regulation, poor policy and more slow growth.”


The executive – who was appointed to the president’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board in 2009 and chairs an outside panel of economic advisers – touted the strides GE has taken to stay strong during a time of global uncertainty, making moves like removing itself from financial services, where it “lacked competitive advantage,” and completing its largest industrial deal through its purchase of Alstom’s energy businesses.


“In business, if you don’t lead these changes, you get fired; in politics, if you don’t fight them, you can’t get elected. As a result, most government policy is anti-growth,” he wrote. “In the U.S., we want exports but seem to hate trade and exporters; globally, governments love small businesses but then regulate them to death.”



You will prosper at their convenience.

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