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The JetBlue Democracy Experiment


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jetblue-democracy-experimentMises: The JetBlue Democracy Experiment

MARCH 1, 2016 Jonathan Newman

The Experiment

JetBlue has released a video of a social experiment they conducted mid-flight with 150 passengers. A JetBlue spokesman went on the plane’s intercom to announce that everybody on the plane had won a free round-trip flight to anywhere in the world on one condition: the passengers must unanimously decide on one single destination for their free trip.


The publicity stunt was staged as a commentary on modern political discourse. Half of the passengers were arbitrarily given red voting paddles, and half were given blue paddles. They were encouraged to “reach across the aisle” to achieve consensus. The video starts with the JetBlue spokesman saying, “It seems like the world has been struggling to come to an agreement. People everywhere are digging in and holding their ground, refusing to compromise.” He says this while the video shows clips of the US Capitol Building standing tall, an American flag waving in the wind, a generic politician pounding a podium, and rams violently locking horns.Scissors-32x32.png


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